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Carole Orem

I grew up in the Midwest and found my way to Maine in my 20's.  I love living with so much natural beauty and being near the ocean.  This is my home and has been since 1985. 

I found my way to psychology in my 30's.  Having been in therapy myself and gained so much, I wanted to give back.  I applied to Pacifica Graduate Institute and was accepted.  Pacifica is a magical place near Santa Barbara where the focus of the education is as much on clinical psychology as it is on depth psychology -- working with the unconscious.  Along with clinical classes we also studied myth, literature and religious studies.  All deepened my understanding and passion for personal growth.  I loved it!  After writing a dissertation for 2 years I graduated and moved back to Maine.  From there I worked at Maine Medical Center as a post-doctoral fellow.  Under the guidance of Sandy Cole, PhD I learned and practiced the art and science of providing psychotherapy.  I launched my private practice after becoming licensed in 2005.

My personal life informs my practice.  Having known the pain of divorce, the struggles of being a single mom, and the results of poor decisions, I have a lot of empathy and compassion for others.  This is different than "book learning!"  My path has been one of bumps and stumbles, but I have always found my way.  Life is like that -- the things that create struggle can become amazing tools for growth if we take them that way.  I know we have to work our way through them (and that's where a psychologist can help) and then we have to take the next step.  I believe we have to live differently.  As our lives unfold along the way we look for the blessings amidst the trials.  Then there is purpose and meaning in our lives.  If you would like someone to walk alongside you as you work through trials in your life, and to help you mine them for the hidden gold, then perhaps I can help.  

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2003 - 2005

Post-doctoral Internship

Maine Medical Center

Portland, ME

1997 - 2003

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Carpinteria, CA

1980 - 1997

Worked in business

IBM, Eli Lilly

1982 - 1983

Masters in Business Administration

Creighton University

Omaha, NE

1976 - 1980

B.S Industrial Engineering

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

Helping you
transform trauma and

I likely understand where you are. I am an expert in this space and have specialized training in

treating trauma.

I am a seasoned and experienced psychologist offering more than standard talk therapy, I provide services specifically designed to treat trauma.  Techniques such as EMDR and IFS are highly effective, cutting-edge brain-based therapies focused on healing trauma.

Yes, healing. 

Carole Orem, PhD

Online based in South Portland, Maine


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